Pokémon is a trading card game based off the popular anime series that originated in Japan. It is accompanied by several video games and an online version of the card game as well.

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Choose your favourite Pokémon and build a deck around it to play with your friends. With over 700 different Pokémon everyone’s deck is unique, so every battle is a new experience. Use energy, trainers, and supporters to help turn the tide of the battle in your favour and knock out your opponents Pokémon. You can also evolve your Pokémon to unleash even more devastating attacks and achieve victory!

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Want to learn more? Visit the Official Website for rules and how to play. Once you’re ready to play head over to our store and grab a collector box; it comes with Pokémon, trainers, supporters, and energy, more then enough to get started. You can also pick up booster packs to get a variety of different Pokémon. Booster packs can contain extremely rare cards such as EX’s or Mega-Evolutions!