Gamer’s Lair is an Official member of the Play! Pokémon program. There are Play! Pokémon events for every player, whether you’re new to Pokémon organized play or practicing to become the Pokémon World Champion! The Play! Pokémon program is your opportunity to:

  • Meet Pokémon fans in your community
  • Win prizes, Travel Awards, and more
  • Focus on fun
  • Aim for higher goals for skilled players
  • Play in events that take place all year

Gamer’s Lair is host to two types of events, our weekly Pokémon League and our Prerelease tournaments.

Pokémon League

The best place to begin is at Pokémon League events. These non-competitive gatherings let you have fun in casual battles and meet other players without the pressure of competition. Pokémon League events are usually organized by folks who also run more challenging competitions, so they’re good resources if you’re interested in stepping up your game.

  • Ideal for entry-level players new to Pokémon competition
  • Support for both Pokémon TCG and video game players
  • Come together with other players
  • Get in touch with local organizers

Pokémon TCG Prerelease Tournaments

Be the first to play with new Pokémon TCG cards in Pokémon TCG Prerelease tournaments. You’ll receive a Prerelease box that includes all the cards you need to play in the event.

  • Open for all players to enter
  • Opportunity to see cards before the official release date
  • Relaxed environment ideal for casual players


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