Force of Will

Force of Will is a Trading Card Game where players face each other using the power of their chosen Ruler and a magical power known as “Will”. A ruler is the leader of your forces, providing the means to create magic stones (which produce Will) alongside other abilities.

But your ruler is no pushover! Should the situation call for it, they can pass judgment on your enemies and take matters into their own hands. Players can use the “J-activate” ability of a ruler to flip it over and call it to the field, ready to take on whatever your opponent can muster.



The fun doesn’t stop there though, players also have access to a host of different creatures and figures known as “resonators”, who serve as the fighting force of your army, as well as an array of spells to turn the tide of battle. Last but not least, the mysterious magic stones allow any ruler to call forth the Will required to utilize these resources, and are a key part of your battle for victory.

We have a wide variety of Single Cards from the latest sets as well a wide variety of Booster BoxesPacks and Starter Decks. We are also an official tournament store, and hold weekly tournaments that provide the exclusive promo cards, as well as pre-release events for each new set. Feel free to check out our event schedule to see what activities we have available each week.

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