Yugioh Day – November 2019

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Date(s) - November 24, 2019
3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Yu-Gi-Oh! Day is a day for all to celebrate the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand!
To commemorate the release of Mystic Fighters, there will be a special prize available this Yu-Gi-Oh! Day. An exclusive Mouse Pad matching the Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Game Mat design will be given to the top finishing Duelists with 10 or more cards from Mystic Fighters in their Main Deck (including reprints)! If you manage to finish in 1st Place while playing with 10 or more cards from Mystic Fighters, you will receive both the Mouse Pad and the Game Mat!


  • The registration fee for Yu-Gi-Oh! Day is $15.00
  • All players entering will receive 3 Mystic Fighters packs for entry.


In addition to the product each Duelist receives upon entering the tournament, prize distribution will be as follows:

  • First place winner, after the conclusion of the last round of Swiss, will receive an exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Game Mat.
  • Top 8 Duelists, after the conclusion of the last round of Swiss, will each receive an exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Field Center Card.

  • The highest ranked Duelist, after the conclusion of the last round of Swiss, who is running a minimum of ten (10) cards from Mystic Fighters in their Deck will win a Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Mouse Pad, featuring the same art as the Yu-Gi-Oh! Day Game Mat. If none of the Duelists are running at least ten (10) cards from Mystic Fighters, then the highest ranked Duelist playing the most cards from Mystic Fighters will win the Mouse Pad.

Tournament structure

The current schedule of this Yu-Gi-Oh! Day event is a Tier 1 event, conducted as Constructed – Advanced Format, Swiss round events. The format details provided here supersede any tournament details found in other official KDE-US policy documents.

Number of Participants*

Number of Swiss Rounds

Playoff Top Cut

4 – 8 3 Rounds of Swiss


9 – 16 4 Rounds of Swiss


17 – 32 5 Rounds of Swiss


33 – 64 6 Rounds of Swiss


65 – 128 7 Rounds of Swiss


129 or more 7 Rounds of Swiss


*The Number of Participants is based on how many total participants are enrolled in the tournament once Registration closes. All Duelists added to the event after registration closes should not affect the number of Swiss Rounds.

  • Example: After registration closes, 63 Duelists have registered for the tournament. This means that the tournament will have 6 Rounds of Swiss, with no Playoff cut. Two Duelists register late, beginning the tournament with a Round 1 Match Loss. Even though this brings the attendance total to 65, only 6 Rounds of Swiss are played, with no Playoff cut.


A swiss round means that players are not eliminated regardless of how many losses occur. Elimination means the player is dropped from the tournament after a loss.

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