Pokemon TCG – Unified Minds Box Tournament

Gamer's Lair

Date(s) - August 13, 2019
6:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Join us for a chance to win an entire box of Unified Minds! Play in a special Standard format tournament where the winner receives an entire booster box!


Entry is $10.


The Standard format is the format for this event. Each round will be best of 3 games, with 60 minutes of time.

The 2020 season Standard format currently consists of the following expansions:

  • Sun & Moon — Ultra Prism
  • Sun & Moon — Forbidden Light
  • Sun & Moon — Celestial Storm
  • Sun & Moon — Lost Thunder
  • Sun & Moon — Team Up
  • Sun & Moon — Unbroken Bonds
  • Sun & Moon — Unified Minds
  • Black Star Promo cards numbered SM94 and up
  • Dragon Majesty
  • Pokémon TCG: Detective Pikachu

With the exception of basic Energy cards and previously printed cards that appear in Standard-legal expansions, players may not use cards from Pokémon TCG expansions prior to Sun & Moon. Players using previously printed cards that appear in Standard-legal expansions may play those cards as long as the effect described is functionally identical to that of the most recent printing of the card.

Prizing and tournament structure

 The tournament will use the following structure:

  • 4-8 Players: 3 Rounds of Swiss, Booster Box awarded to first place based on standings after round 3 (No cut to elimination)
  • 9-16 Players: 4 Rounds of Swiss, cut to top 2 players elimination (Prizing awarded afterword)
  • 17-32 Players: 5 Rounds of Swiss, cut to top 4 players elimination (Prizing awarded afterword)
  • 33-64 Players: 6 Rounds of Swiss, cut to top 8 players elimination (Prizing awarded afterword)

A swiss round means that players are not eliminated regardless of how many losses occur. Elimination means the player is dropped from the tournament after a loss.

Additional prizing will be awarded based on attendance.

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