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Date(s) - September 9, 2019
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Join us every Monday for our Epic Stories format Force of Will tournament, a great way to have some fun and meet other Force of Will players. The tournament is open to players of all skill levels, so feel free to come and play regardless of your experience and have fun!


Entry is $5 and includes a pack of your choosing, as well as a special promotional card.


Epic Stories:
These rules are an addendum to the official Force of Will CR for the Epic Stories format. Except where contradicted below, refer to the most recent CR released by the Force of Will company.
1. Deck Building Restrictions
1.1. Only 1 copy of any card may be played between the Main Deck, Stone Deck, and Sideboard, except for basic Magic Stones.
1.2. The Main Deck must contain a minimum of 60 cards.
1.3. Your deck must have 2 Rulers.
1.4. All cards from any official set or release are legal, excluding cards on the ban-list.**
1.5. The ban-list will only change in conjunction with official set or product releases.
1.6. Your Main Deck may contain only cards that are within the combined Color Identity of both Rulers. (See section 3 for more details.)
2. Game-Play Rules
2.1. Games can include 2 or more players.*
2.2. Your Starting Life Total is 8000.
2.3. You may only have one J-Ruler in your field at any give time. If you control 2 or more J-Rulers, banish one as a state-based effect. (This does not use The Chase, and can’t be chased)
2.4. You may not perform Judgement on any turn you have used a Player’s Action to Call a Magic Stone, if you rested a Ruler or J-Ruler to do so.
2.5. Refer to section 4 for differences in a game with three or more players.
2.6. Spells and Abilities that refer to “Your Ruler” without a target will effect both rulers.
3. Color Identity
3.1. A card’s ‘Color Identity’ is the combination of the card’s color(s) and the Attribute Symbols printed on the card.
3.2. All sides of a card are added together to form a card’s Color Identity.
3.3. Color Identity does not necessarily match the card’s Attribute.
3.4. J/Rulers that allow you to use Will of any Attribute to play a card with specific Trait(s) or text allow you to include that card in your Main Deck.
3.5. J/Rulers that refer to a card by name allow you to include that card in your Main Deck.
4. 3+ Player Games
4.1. The rules in this section only apply in games that begin with three or more players.
4.2. Energize
4.2.a. All players other than the player going first get Energize coins.
4.2.b. Even if both your Rulers have Energize, you only get a single Energize coin.
4.2.c. If both your Rulers have Energize, you choose which one you get an Energize coin from. (This will happen after you reveal your Rulers)
4.3. Spells and Abilities that reference “Your Opponent” without a target will effect each opponent.
4.3.a. For clarification: “Your Opponent” and “Your Opponent’s” are not the same. “Your Opponent’s” has only a single effected opponent, chosen by the player controlling the Spell or Ability.
4.4. Choose a player at random. They choose which player plays first.
4.5. The player that plays first draws a card on the first turn of the game.

4.6. Priority passes in the same order in which players take turns.

The following cards are Banned from the Epic Stories format:
  • Falltgold, the Dragoon / Bahamut, the Dragon King
  • Speaker of Eternal Night / Scheherazade of the Catastrophic Nights
  • The Final BattleThe following combinations of Rulers are banned in the Epic Stories format (the listed J/Rulers can be played in conjunction with other J/Rulers, but not in the combinations listed. Players cannot sideboard into these combinations.):”Reflect, Child of Potential / Refrain, Child of Convergence” & “Dragon Shrine Maiden / Flute, Time Altering Priestess”

Tournament structure

Multiplayer Free for All: All players will play against each other in one game. Players are not placed on teams and the last player standing is the winner!

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